Growth of bamboo is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. But much of the bamboo fibre used in the manufacture of clothing and other products is made using a process which chemically regenerates bamboo. Essentially these bamboo fibres are cellulose which has been broken down using chemical solvents and then reconstructed as a cellulose fibre. Chemically regenerating the bamboo fibre can also weaken it.

Organic bamboo is different as it is processed naturally without the use of sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide in this process which is also known as hydrolysis alkalization and without the use of bleach

Our manufacturer uses a newer way of processing the bamboo into fibre that is completely natural. The woody part of the bamboo is crushed mechanically before a natural enzyme retting and washing process is used to break down the walls and extract the bamboo fibre. This fibre is then spun into yarn. The same manufacturing process used to produce linen fabric from flax or hemp. Bamboo fabric made from this process is sometimes called bamboo linen. More clothing companies are moving towards this product as it becomes more widely available.

The natural processing of bamboo allows the fibre to remain strong to produce an extremely high quality product. This process gives a material that is very durable.