Everyone wants a clean and tidy bedroom. There is nothing like coming home from a long day of work to fresh sheets and bedding. Having a clean bedroom is healthy and just makes sense. Some people associate cleaning a bedroom with washing the sheets, pillow cases and dusting the furniture then vaccuming. Keep in mind though, that the comforter laying on your bed attracts quite a bit of dust and debris, thus making it important to equally maintain it. Keeping your comforter clean will not only be healthier, but will add years of life to it. The way you clean your comforter depends on the materials it is made of, so it is important to read the label. This is how to wash a down comforter. 

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Here are some steps to take.

Decide if your comforter even needs cleaning. The material it is made of will depend on how often and whether it needs cleaned or not. Some people believe that down comforters only need cleaned every five or so years. They also believe that washing regularly can ruin the fabric and down. There are others that believe that your body oils can destroy the fabric and down and washing it does not matter much. Typically, people wash their down comforters about once every three to four years. If you decide to wash it more often than this, you should proceed with caution.

Treat any stains that are on the comforter as well as sewing up any holes or irregularities. Fixing the holes beforehand will keep them from getting bigger once the comforter is washed. If there are stains on the comforter, be sure to gently rub the stained area with baking soda or carbonated water. Never use bleach on a comforter.

When you are ready to wash be sure to set your machine on the most delicate cycle. If the comforter is too large for your washing machine, follow these same steps at the laundrymat. To make sure the comforter's filling is distributed evenly, throw in a pair of white tennis shoes or a clean white baseball.

When the comforter is ready to dry, take it along with the tennis shoes and place it into the dryer. Make sure the dryer is on the lowest setting. Too much heat will harm the comforter and possibly shrink it. Once the comforter has started to dry, be sure to check and fluff the comforter every thirty minutes or so. This will make sure the insides are properly distributed.

Do not let the comforter completely dry. Take it out after one hour and hang it on a clothes line or over your shower curtain. You don't want to harm the comforter by over drying it, this is why it is important to take two or three hours and dry it outside

Hope you learned something and know how to wash a down comforter. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us here