Comforter covered in a duvet cover

So what is a duvet cover?
It’s a pretty common question, especially when we are buying bedding. Let me make it really simple; think of duvet cover as a giant pillowcase that is used to protect a comforter.

What is A Duvet Cover Used For?

As mentioned above, duvet cover is a protective cover for a duvet (which is also known as comforter). Just as some of us like to protect our iPhone by a cover, exactly as that it is strongly suggested to protect your duvet/comforter, which costs from $100-$500 by investing in a duvet cover. When a duvet cover is used to protect a duvet, it decreases the wear and tear and the need to wash it, which results in longer life of a duvet.

What Size of Duvet Cover Should I Buy?

Duvet covers come in the same sizes as comforters, which includes, twin, queen, full and king size. Be sure to choose the right size as per your comforter, as it will pervert duvet cover from slipping and getting mushed in one corner.